public NTP service

NTP is a way to obtain the time over internet. There are NTP/SNTP clients which can keep a PC's clock synched to the correct time by querying NTP servers. These NTP servers sync to other NTP servers, or to time sources such as GPS receivers.

i run 2 public NTP servers, accessible on both IPv4 and IPv6. The service area is: NL, DE, DK, BE

how to use

Use one of the following:

- roundrobin address
- individual servers

about this service

Both servers are stratum 2-3. I manually selected stratum 1 and 2 upstream servers for being of good enough quality (low latency, offset within ~1 ms). The servers can be queried with "ntpq -p".

I intend to maintain a quality service in terms of latency, accuracy, and continuity.

Inclusion in the NTP pool, or the public server list, is under consideration.

rules for using this service

This server is open to use by everyone, within conditions:


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